You can now copy an entire page from one survey to another as well as an entire page from one report to another in your organization! This feature is especially useful if you'd like to copy a specific questionnaire, like the PHQ 9, from a standalone survey into your existing BASICS or BASICS style survey. 

Here's a few things to note about using this feature:

  • Calculations will not automatically be included in the copying process from one survey (or report) to another. Calculations will only be copied over if they are referenced in the copied page as conditional logic or as a data token in a text item on the page.
    • In the example of the PHQ9 Scale video below, a calculated variable that computes the total PHQ 9 score will not be included when you copy a page since it's not referenced anywhere in the page being copied. Once this page has been copied into the destination survey, the calculation will need to be manually added by hand.
  • When you attempt to copy a page, the system will check to see if any of the content on the page to be copied exists in the destination survey/report. This is done by checking to see if any of the items labels/value are duplicated. If there is any duplicated content, it will not allow you to copy the page.

Please see our walkthrough video below for instructions on how to:

  • Copy a page between surveys
  • Copy the associated report page between reports (3:00 minute mark of the video)