The Cases main page has several different features that allow for the filtering of certain cases and the customization of what case information is displayed. Check out the screenshot, descriptions, and two videos below to see how to make the Cases main page work best for you.

Status Filter
By default, this filter will only display cases with an Active status. Clicking this field will open a drop down menu which can be changed to show only Inactive, Complete or all case statuses. Please see first video below.
Search Cases
Selecting this magnifying glass icon will open a search field where you can search for a specific case (via name, email, identifier, etc.) or filter by a specific label (i.e. BASICS, Student Conduct, etc.). Please see first video below.
Data Filter
Clicking this arrow icon will open a Data Filters window where you can apply several filters to the cases that are displayed on the Cases Main Page. Please see the Case Filter section below.
Column Selection
Selecting this column icon will open a panel where you can select and deselect case data columns to be displayed on this main page. Please see first video below.
Clicking this icon will refresh all case information and pull in any newly updated or added cases.
Bulk Case Export
This icon opens an Export Cases window where you can use filters to export case information as a data file. See our solution article here.
Add New Case
Click this icon to add a new case. See our solution article here.

Status Filter, Search Field & Column Selection

Watch the video below to see how to adjust the cases that appear on the Cases Main Page by using the Status Filter, Search Field and the Column Selection feature.

Data Filter

This features allows users to apply multiple layers of filters that can each reference any piece of standard case data (referral type, treatment period, created date, etc.). These filters can be really specific or pretty broad, depending on the limitations applied to the field being filtered.

Check out our video below to see how to use the Data Filter feature in a couple of helpful ways including how to apply filters that will only display cases created within two specified dates.