Information about Cases in your organization can now be exported as an Excel or SPSS file for review. Standard case information (Referral Type, email, date created, etc.) will be included, as well as information collected in custom fields. These exports, however, will not include information about survey completion or class attendance. Survey sessions data can be exported from the Sessions tab of a survey and a class sessions data export feature is coming soon.

How to Export Cases

1.Navigate to the Cases main page by clicking Cases in the Navigation menu.
2.Select the export cloud symbolfound in the upper right corner of this page to open the Export Cases window.
3.All Case statuses will be selected for export by default - Remove a status by clicking the Case Status field to open the drop down menu and uncheck the unwanted status(es).
4.Limit the export by the dates the cases were created by using the date fields. Enter a date using the dd/mm/yyyy format or click the calendar iconto open the calendar window to select a date.

By default, the export will not be limited by case Referral Source or Referral Type so all cases regardless of Source or Type will be exported. To limit this export by either of these, click the empty fields to open the dropdown menu and select the desired Sources and/or Types to export. 

6.Select the export file format by clicking the Export Format field to open the dropdown menu.
7.Finally, select EXPORT and a case export file will be downloaded to your computer. You can also open the link displayed in the green notification to download the file.

Check out our Walkthrough Video below: