Every email or text notification that is automatically or manually sent within IMPACT Feedback will now appear under the Notifications main page. You can also view the notifications associated with a case, user, survey and class session under the 'Notifications' tab for each respective item. 

Note: Notifications sent out before 5/18/21 will not appear as the logging of notifications was not active.


Permission Requirement: To view Notifications, a user's role must include the 'Notification' permission. We recommend only giving this permission to Admin as all case notifications will be visible on the Notification main page. To edit a role's permissions, please see User Roles.


Notifications Main Page & Item Specific Notifications

To access the Notifications main page, select 'Notifications' under 'Settings' in the Main Navigation Menu on the left side of the screen. Every notification that has been sent will appear here. 


The following items now have a NOTIFICATION tab that appears along the top of each item's detail page:

  • Cases: Lists every notification that has been sent to the case
  • Surveys: Lists every invitation and other notifications associated with the survey
  • Booked Classes: Lists every automated notification associated with the class
  • Users: Lists every notification that has been sent to this user

Reviewing Notifications

Once on the Notifications Main Page or the NOTIFICATIONS tab of an item, use the date parameters, Type & Source filters, and the Search field along the top of the Notifications page to aid in finding a certain notification.

On a notification page, information is broken down into the following columns:

  • Sent: The date and time the notification was sent
  • Type: Email or SMS (text) notification
  • Source:
    • Send Email/SMS Action: An automated notification sent by the IMPACT system
    • Survey Invitation: A manually sent or automated survey invitation
    • Add User: An automated notification sent to new users
    • Survey/Class Reminder: An automated reminder sent by the IMPACT system
  • Recipients: 
    • Email - All emails in the To, CC, and BCC fields will be listed 
    • SMS - The cell number will be listed
  • Subject: Email subject is shown
  • Error: A red explanation mark will indicate that the notification was unsuccessful
  • Error Value: Lists reason behind the error sending the notification

Viewing Notification Content

Click anywhere in the row of the notification of interest to open it's Notification Log Detail window. View our infographic below for more information (select the image to expand it).