In IMPACT Feedback, Class Reminders are set up to automatically remind students to attend an upcoming class session. In this solution article, we cover:

Note: To be able to manage Reminders and Reminder Templates, the user's role must include 'Reminders' permissions. To edit the permissions of a role, please see User Roles.

Creating a Class Reminder Message Template

Prior to setting up a reminder, a specialized type of message, 'Class - Reminder', will need to be created. In the video below, we'll walk through how to create a generalized email reminder message that can for all the class types in your organization.

If you'd like your reminder content to be similar to the content of the confirmation message that's sent out when students are registered for a session, you can copy and paste that confirmation message content into a reminder message template. Important: Data tokens that begin with 'CALC.' and 'EVENT.' must be replaced with the 'CLASS.' data tokens that are used in the video above as they will not work correctly in this new reminder template. Please see Messages 101 for instructions on finding existing message templates.

Text Reminders: When creating a reminder message template to be used in Text Messages, we suggest leaving the Subject field blank and keeping the message content brief (under 160 characters) to prevent text reminders from being split into multiple messages.

Setting Up Class Reminders 

Once you've created a class reminder message template, you can now set up a class reminder for one (or more) of your class types. In the video below, we'll walk through how to setup a class reminder email and all the different options that are available for these reminders.


To create a class SMS text reminder, the process is the same as in the video above but with the following changes:

  • Select 'SMS' for the Delivery Type.
  • In the Recipient field, enter the @CASE.CellPhone data token.
  • Ensure the message template that is selected has been created specifically for text notifications (see Text Notifications) to prevent these text reminders for being split into multiple messages.
  • This notification will only send to students if there is a valid cell phone number listed in their case detail page.

Note: Reminders will not retroactively apply to students that have already been registered prior to the reminder being created.