Survey reminders, in IMPACT Feedback, are a handy way to automatically remind students to complete their survey session. In this solution article, we cover: 

Note: To be able to manage Reminders and Reminder Templates, the user's role must include 'Reminders' permissions. To edit the permissions of a role, please see User Roles.

Creating a Survey Reminder Message Template

A specialized type of message, 'Survey - Reminder', will need to be created prior to setting up reminders for surveys. In the video below, we'll walk through how to create a generalized email reminder message that will work for all the surveys in your organization. 

Feel free to create multiple survey reminder messages if you would like specific messaging for different surveys, for reminders sent at different time intervals or for reminders sent under different survey status conditions (see the video below for more information).

Setting Up Survey Reminders

Now that you've created a survey reminder message template, you can set up a survey reminder for one (or more) of your surveys. In the video below, we'll walk through how to setup a survey reminder and all the different options that are available for these reminders.

Important: Reminders will not retroactively apply to students that have been sent survey invitations prior to the reminder being created.