When creating a new Report, or Feedback Report, you will need to pick at least one Survey from the collection of surveys in your organization to associate with the report. A Short Name will also need to be assigned to the survey, which is used to concisely identify the survey and to distinguish it from additional surveys that may be associated with the same report. The short name of the survey will also be used in the report calculations and data tokens so that information is pulled from the correct survey. To learn more about calculations and data tokens, please visit the following articles:

Changing the Survey Associated with a Report

While changing the survey linked to a report is fairly simple process on the surface (described below), many of the calculations that have already been built into a report likely reference the survey questions and answers in the survey that was first associated with the report. For reports with many built in calculations, we recommend replacing the existing survey with an edited copy of the original survey. That way many of the same questions and answers from the survey can be successfully pulled by the existing calculations and data tokens into the report. Note: The short name of the survey replacing the original must be the same at the original in order for the data tokens and calculations to work correctly.

How to change the survey associated with a report:

1. Navigate to the Reports main page (see IMPACT Feedback Navigation)

2. Open the detail page of the report you'd like to update by clicking anywhere in the report's row. This opens the SUMMARY tab of the report.

3. Clickat the bottom of the Details section. This opens the Update Report dialog window.

4. Under Surveys, select the new survey from the dropdown menu. We recommend not editing the short name.

5. Click Save. 

Note: Once the survey has been changed, we suggest checking how the calculations and data tokens are functioning in a completed report (see Viewing Personalized Feedback Reports).