Use Events to automatically send notifications, survey invitations, create user accounts, or update cases. Events can be global or specific. Global events are created under Settings/Events and will act globally. For example, a global event that is triggered by Survey completion will apply to all surveys that are completed. Alternatively, an Event can be created that is specific to a certain survey. In this case the Event would not be created under Settings/Events but rather within the specified survey. A specific Event affects only the item (ie: survey) in which it was created. After a global Event has been created, it can be viewed and edited under Settings/Events. Additionally, Events created for a specific item can be viewed/edited within that specific item as well as under Settings/Events. 

To create an event, navigate to the specific item, or to Setting/Events (for global events) and click the button. Next, use the drop-down menu to define the Event Source, Trigger, and Action. You can also add a description for future reference. Next, navigate to the tabs labelled Parameters, Calculations, Run Condition, and Info to define and customize the Event.

Parameters: Parameters are used to define what it is you want to do. For example, parameters are where you would define who an automated email should be sent to, and what message (text) should be sent.

Run Condition: Use  run condition to limit for which cases the Event fires. For example, conditions can be used to set the Event to only fire if the case referral Source is 'Student Conduct'. 

Calculations: Use calculations to create the expression for which a condition should run (ie: Case Referral Source == 'SC')

Info:  By default, after an Event has been created it is 'disabled', meaning it will not fire.  To enable the Event, click on the Event, and under the 'INFO' tab select 'edit details'. You will be presented with a checkbox labelled 'Enabled'. Select or unselect the checkbox to enable/disable the Event. Only Enabled events will fire.  Additionally, The lightning bolt icon for Enabled Events are green, while Disabled Events are grey.  See video tutorials below for additional details.

Please see video tutorial below which demonstrates how to create a Survey event that create a case record upon completion of anonymous survey:

Please see video tutorial below for an example of how to send an email notification upon completion of a Survey.