Reports or "Personalized Feedback Reports" (PFRs) can be viewed one of two ways. First, by going to the 'Cases' page and selecting the case you wish to view. Next, click on the 'Surveys' tab and then locate the 'Reports' button positioned in the bottom right corner of the page. Alternatively, PFRs can be viewed by going to the Surveys page, selecting the survey you are interested in and then going to the 'Sessions' tab. Here you will find a detailed list of all of the completed surveys for the particular survey. Use the search engine or sort to find the Report you are interested in, and then click the 'Reports' button to view the PFR.

Additionally, using either approach outlined above, additional details about the completed survey can also be accessed from the same location. To view these details, click elsewhere in the row rather than clicking on the 'Report' button. This will bring you to the session detail page which includes the responses to every survey question as well as calculated values. 

Please see the video tutorial below for a walk-through of how to access PFRs and other details.