Data tokens provide a means to insert dynamic data into Surveys, Feedback Reports, Messages, and even Calculations. Dynamic data is data that varies given the circumstances. For example, a data token can be used in a Message to insert the first name of the case. In this example 'First Name' is a dynamic variable because it varies for each case. Likewise, data tokens are used in Reports to insert dynamic variables such the 'Peak BAC' or money spent on cannabis per week. 

Select a data token in the IMPACT Feedback text editor by clicking the '@' symbol (see image below).  This will reveal a menu of data token categories/types that are available for use in the given situation.  See bullet points at bottom of this page for a list of the possible data token types. In the example below, a data token for the 'First Name' of the case has been inserted as well as the main contact email for the Organization. After a data token has been inserted, the name of the data token will appear in highlighted gray text. 

Data token types:

  • CASE: Used to insert specific information regarding a 'CASE' such as email address, First Name, or referral type. Case data tokens are often used in Messages.

  • EVENT: Event provides dynamic information regarding the triggering 'EVENT'. Triggering events include
    • sending a survey invitation (ie: to insert the link to the survey)
    • adding a user or resetting the password for a user (ie: to insert the name of person that reset the password).
    • a case submitting/completing a survey (ie: to insert the date the survey was completed).
    • a case being created/added (ie: to insert the Student Portal username and password for the case).

  • ORG: Used to input 'ORGANIZATION' information such as the name of the department, the contact email for the Organization, or the web address (url) users use to login.

  • ANS: Use this to input an 'ANSWER' from a survey. That is, this data token can be used to provide the response from a particular survey question for the case in question. This type of data token is used most frequently in Personalized Feedback Reports (PFRs) but can also be used within a Survey, or a Message.

  • CALC: Use the 'CALCULATION' data token to insert the output of a calculated variable ('Calculations').  Calculations are frequently used in Personalized Feedback Reports but are available within Surveys and Messages as well.